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Tips: Painting Popcorn Cielings

When Painting Popcorn Ceilings there are few steps that are neede to be taken to ensure the room comes out right. Obviously the first concern is how you can roll over the bumps in the ceiling successfully. When using the correct roller sleeve you will be able to do this. Other concerns will be how to cut in a straight line when there are popcorn pieces up against the walls.

Preparing the Popcorn Ceiling For Painting

The first thing that must be done to ensure a straight line on the wall where it meets with the popcorn ceiling is to take a Spackle knife, preferably a smaller one, and run it around the edges where the ceiling butts up to the wall knocking off the popcorn. Once this has been completed you may now paint the popcorn cieling.

Painting the Popcorn Ceiling

When painting a popcorn ceiling you the roller you have will need to have a very thick nap so that it may fill all around the popcorn texture. A 1 1/4 inch nap will suffice. just roll the roller into the pan of paint and roll the popcorn ceiling out. The roller sleeve will soak up a lot of paint and you may need more paint than normal for the ceiling. Also, because it soaks up so much paint the roller will seem very heavy and tire your arms quicker, and with high cielings your arms may really tire. Just take breaks, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Following these simple tasks will ensure a really nice paint finish on any popcorn ceiling!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Faux Painting Classes

Faux painting classes are very intriguing and can be sought after for many reasons by those who want to start their own Faux Painting Business, refine their Faux Painting skills, learn new Faux Painting Techniques, or so they may apply their own finishes in their own homes. For whatever reason there are plenty of classes that can be taken all over the country.

What Type of Faux Painting Classes to Take

When thinking about taking Faux Painting Classes they should be actual places you will need to show up at and participate in with an instructor. Good classes will take what you are learning and practice them on sample boards which can then be used as a Faux Painting Portfolio to display your techniques and finishes to clients or for your own reference.

Places to take classes

Below is a list of places you can look at should you want to take some faux painting classes. As with anything you should check the reputation of the company and look at more than one place to compare. Calling the company is also a good thing to do as well. The first on the list is one I attended the Pennsylvania school and found it to be extremely reputable. I left with a very professional portfolio! Leave me a comment if you want to know more. I will continue to update this list.

If you know of more places please leave a comment and I will add it to the list once I review it.


Faux Masters Studio
335 East Warner Road
Building 4, Suite 4
Chandler, AZ 85225


Faux Masters Studio
Directors: Bob and Mike Hoppe
22941 Savi Ranch Parkway
Yorba Linda, California 92887
English & Spanish Communication

Artistic Painting Studio
Director: Jennifer Ferguson
352 W. Bedford Ave., Suite 106
Fresno, CA 93711
(559) 449-1764


Oro Studios, Inc.
Directors: Teri Althouse, David McKendry, & Linda Kimble
2120 Market Street
Denver, Colorado 80205
Ph #.877-676-7883
Fax# 303-421-2252


Faux Effects International Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
Manufacturing & Training Facility
3435 Aviation Boulevard
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
Se habla Espaniol

Oro Studios, Inc.
Directors: Linda Kimble, Teri Althouse & David McKendry
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
239-841-8611 or 877-676-7883

The Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing
Director: Donna Phelps
5376 Catalyst Avenue
Sarasota, Florida 34233

Beautifaux LLC
Directors: Linh Lam &
Cherylyn Apking
5556 Yahl Street, Suite A
Naples, Florida 34109


The Finishing School Source
Directors: Caroline Woldenberg
and Bob Turner
2086 Faulkner Road.
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Paintin the Town Faux
Director: Susie Goldenberg
2830 Holcomb Bridge Rd.
Alpharetta, GA 30022


Surfaces Fine Paint
& Decorative Arts Studio

(Kansas City)

Director: Bruce and Rebecca Slaton
8190 Nieman Road
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66214


Faux Design Studio Inc.
Directors: Sheri Zeman
101 North Swift Road
Addison, Illinois 60101


The Faux Finish School
Director: Martin Alan Hirsch
1905 Bardstown Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40205


New England Institute of Faux Finishing
Directors: Jim Martin & Ed Tarca
#1 Avenue C
Hopkington, Massachusetts 01748


Southern Institute of Faux Finishing
Director: Virginia Weathersby
1091 Old Fannin Road, Ste # D
Brandon, Mississippi 39047


Bev Daitch Studios, Inc.
Director: Bev Daitch
5860 South Wynn Road, Suite A
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118


The Finishing School
Director: Bob Marx
50 Carnation Ave. Bldg 2
Floral Park, New York 11001


Faux Works Studio
Director: Barbara Skivington
2638 Willard Dairy Road, Suite 106
High Point, North Carolina 27265


Prismatic Painting Studio
Director: Gary Lord
11126 Deerfield Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


The Finishing School / Pennsylvania
Director: Carole & Al Kemery
507 North York Street
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055

Fauxever Beautiful Inc.
Director: Jay Elliot
5127 Bensalem Blvd.
Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020


Beauti-Faux Finishes
Director: Liz Twedt
47076 273rd Street
Harrisburg, South Dakota 57032


FE Dallas, Inc.
4550 Sunbelt Dr
Addison, Texas 75001

Anything But Plain
Director: Janie Ellis
12539 Duncan, Suite D
Houston, TX 77066
or 281-444-2070

Vigini Studios
Directors: Nicola Vigini & Leslie Morrison Vigini
2531 Boardwalk
San Antonio, Texas 78217


Faux Assured Studio
Director: Mindy Harrell
2210 Highway 40,
Ste # A & q
Heber City, Utah 84032


Seattle's School of Decorative Painting
Directors: Todd and Susan Allemand
15 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033


Arte-Faux International School
of Decorative Finishes

Director: Pedro Oveido &
Gelpis Collado
Francisco Carias Lavandier
Urb. Paraiso Santo Domingo,
Republica Dominicana
809-383-6886 or


Dibaza De BCS De RL De CV
(011) 526646301744

Morelia, Michoacan
(011) 443-323-9222

(011) 4433239222
U.S. – 619-864-3952

Myriam Montes De Uribe Design Centre
(011) 526562793041

If you are interested in an Interior Painting Business or just how to learn to do Interior Painting in a Bathroom then have a look around my blog for great information.

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Interior Painting Making Good Money

By Jeremy Berger
JB Qaulity Painting
Central Jersey / Easter Pennsylvania

There are many painters are in North America making good money. Deciding whether to work for yourself or working for someone will determine just how much money you can make with interior painting. There are many painting franchise opportunities as well to choose from. Painting has been around for a long time and there will always be a need for more painters.

Start an Interior Painting Business

Starting an interior painting business can make good money which can range from 500 dollars per week to thousands of dollars per week depending on what you do with your business. Start up costs for your own interior painting business can easily be done on a shoe string. Some drop clothes, a paint brush, a roller, and a couple of ladders and your in business. Promoting and marketing your painting business at first with inexpensive advertising or flyers can draw in the first estimate in which a small amount of the deposit can be used to buy the first of your painting equipment you will need to conduct a painting business. Learning what the Price of painting a room will be (estimating) will prove challenging at first but really just boils down to how much per day do you want to make and figuring how long it will take to complete the project. There is paint estimating software that can help in estimating as well.

Working for Someone Doing Interior Painting

There are plenty of jobs out there for interior painting which as a painter can make good money. Interior painters make 10 dollars an hour to 30 dollars an hour. This all depends upon experience and location. There is always Union Painters which after four years as an apprentice you can make 100,000 dollars per year. The Union will also provide training on the job and in classroom.

Types of Painting

There is also decorative painting which can draw in more money that traditional interior painting but requires a bit more skill. Faux painting is very popular and can fetch three times the amount of money traditional painting can.

Deciding what route to take is all about preference and how much money you want to make. But whatever route you take choosing to get into Interior Painting can make good money for yourself.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Interior Painting Bathroom Walls

Interior Painting DIY Tips: Painting Bathroom Walls
By Jeremy Berger

Interior painting DIY folks tend to paint right around their toilets when painting bathroom walls. This can easily be see by everyone who uses the bathroom. The toilet is usually to close to the wall and therefore when painting bathroom walls people seem to just brush it in as far as they can.

How to Paint The Wall behind Your Toilet

The way to solve this problem is to get a "RollerLITE" small fabric mini paint roller, which is a very thin roller. The "RollerLITE" roller is very similar to the normal 9 inch rollers you see out there. You will need to pick the correct nap for the sleeve and this depends on what type of surface you have or if you will be using a textured paint on your walls.

Choosing the Correct Roller To Paint Your Bathroom Walls

Once you have chosen the type of sleeve you can also choose the appropriate handle that has will have the correct length you need to paint behind the toilet. Now you will need to choose the type of paint you want to use and just paint two coats on the walls as you normally would then use the "Roller Lite" roller to paint behind the toilet. Interior Painting DIY folks should now always have paint behind their toilet when painting bathroom walls.

Jeremy Beregr is a professional painter serving the Central Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania areas. He as served Hunterdon County (NJ) for the past 10 years and can be reached at (908) 310-8569 or email address is

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