Friday, January 27, 2012

Guest Post House Painting

Hello all my painting friends. What I am looking for are some great articles on your painting expertise.Exposure will be on the homepage. There was a Page Rank of 2 but I believe the home page is now a PR1 as well as some inside pages.

Whatever your stories are it must pertain to any type of painting project, interior or exterior. The article must be 400 to 700 words in length and must be proof read. 

Compensation will be considered once a guest writer has had 3 posts published. of course all posts that are published can have three links within the body of the post, These links must be relative and not just promotional links for your website. Promotional links will be reserved to  the Author signature box which can be written at the end of the article as a last Paragraph. Should you get 3 posts published you will then get 20 dollars. Payment will be sent via paypal.

Email all guest posts to All posts will be considered. If your post is chosen you will receive an email conformation stating that your post has been chosen and when the publish date will be. Once published you will recieve any payment due within 7 days. Thank you.


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