Thursday, October 2, 2008

Painting Business Property Insurance for Equipment

When getting general liability insurance for your painting business you may want to consider insuring your equipment by purchasing extra Painting Business Property Insurance Equipment you may own. Typically your home insurance may cover the equipment up to 3,000 dollars, so if you have more than that you should look into getting the extra Painting Business property insurance for equipment when you are away from home with your equipment.

You may ask yourself, “Should I get insurance to cover my painting equipment?”. The answer is; Yes! It would not cost too much more for having Painting Business Property Insurance for equipment. Ladders, sprayers, power washers and tools can run thousands of dollars and to have them stolen or destroyed could be very costly.

The premium is usually calculated per 100 dollars of equipment, but at a low amount. What if you were on the job and a fire broke out burning the house and your equipment to the ground. You would be out of luck if you did not have painting business property insurance. There are so many things that can happen. You should also have commercial insurance on the vehicle that you are using for business. Checking with various agents and insurance companies I am sure you will find a reasonably decent quote for your painting business property insurance.

Once you have found a few good quotes it is very important to read the document and understand all that is covered. You may find subtle differences between the policies. You must decide which is more important or which fits your needs closer. Once you have done that you will then compare the premiums and choose the one you like best.

You should have many local agencies in your area that you can get quotes from. Usually it will be the larger well known companies that will have larger quotes and more stringent rules. The larger companies will also make it difficult for the new business owners to get coverage by having strict qualifying rules that you will need to comply with. You will probably be better off finding a broker.

Never make an uninformed decision when getting insurance, and do not allow the agent to push you into making a quick decision either. Take your time and really investigate all the policies for what and how much each specific category covers. Good luck in getting your painting business property insurance for equipment.

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