Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Painting Tips: Painting Rooms High Cielings Without Scaffolding Needed

Most folks look up at thier high cieling and feel defeated right away because of the hieght and not knowing how to paint it with ladders and not scaffolding. This will be a very short article, painting a high cieling is a cinch quite frankly!

The room can be completed with ladders only and there is no need for a complicated set up of scaffolding to paint rooms with high cielings!

If you have a light in the middle you can use tall A-frame ladders and for cutting in you can use extention ladders. Make sure the ladder is secure and you have a person footing the ladder. Also placing a board accross the top of the ladder will help in being secure accross sheetrock. To roll a long pole will be used. Really that is all there is to it! Should take you not much longer than a normal room to finish!

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