Monday, September 1, 2008

Blue Collar Heroin Addiction On the Rise

Heroin addiction among blue collared workers is on the rise. Crack used to be the drug that plagued many blue collared workers but that has declined over the years only to be replaced by heroin according to a quarterly ‘Pulse Check’ study. The study is based on interviews with, researchers, law officers, and drug treatment workers.

As a result of this the Columbian Cartel has been increasing the production of heroin to make up in lost sales of cocaine.

Heroin carried a stigma of being a junkie which deterred many from ever using it. However that is no longer the case and the use of heroin is does not carry such a heavy stigma any more. Crack cocaine however is now building an image on the street as a loser drug instead.

Some interesting findings in the study are:

Until two years ago America’s heroin addicts were stable but because of increasing purity and availability it has become popular in Americas suburbs and Blue Collared workers.

Three quarters of heroin users inject the drug intravenously. Which, most that inhale the drug eventually switch to injecting the drug.

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