Sunday, October 12, 2008

Curb Painting Business

A curb painting business is extremely lucrative and easy to start business that can make money fast. What might you be painting a curb for, you may ask yourself. Well, in many places people have their house number painted on the curb which is a necessity. This type of business requires only a small investment that anyone can afford. It is also extremely easy to learn. At a hundred dollars a pop you could be making very good money curb painting.

In order to start your business you will need some materials to start with. You will need stencils to produce the numbers on the curb along with the proper paint. You will want your numbers to be highly reflective so that night time viewing is possible. This will be your catch! Most numbers are painted cannot be seen at night. You will have a much better response for work if you do something or provide something most others are not. So when thinking of starting this type of opportunity you must make sure you have the correct materials.

Now in order to make money people will have to know you exist. You need to get the word out. You will need to make up some flyers and get them out there. Advertising in cheap places is also good just keep your advertising to a minimum. You can easily make around 200 to 300 per day with this opportunity. In areas that folks have their house number on the curb it is necessary for them to have it so there is a lot of potential for money here. You may also use internet advertising to spread the word of your business.

Good luck with this extremely low investment business opportunity that anyone can start. Curb painting is becoming evermore popular. You may want to also remove fading numbers as well for even more money. Just have fun curb painting and make some dollars. I would love to here from those that have done this and are making money!

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