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Interior Painting DIY Tips: Choosing The Right Brand, Finish and Color of Paint

When undertaking a project like the interior painting of your home careful consideration should be taken in choosing the correct brand, finish and color of paint. When I speak of paint finish this would mean a flat, eggshell or semi gloss paint finish. The decisions you make will have a major overall impact on the outcome of your DIY Interior Painting Project which includes the look, longevity and ease of maintenance for your painted surfaces.

Choosing A Paint Brand

First to consider will be the brand of paint you will choose for your DIY Interior Painting project. Why would you choose a particular brand over another? Some folks will choose because of price and some will choose because an article says a particular brand is the best and some will choose because it was recommended by a friend or family member who has used a particular brand of paint.

Lets go over a few things that may help you in deciding. First off as a contractor I like to use Benjamin Moore Paint. The reasons are simple. Benjamin Moore provides excellent coverage with vibrant colors. Chances are two coats will be enough. When checking the brand of paint you will need to know the square footage a gallon will cover. Benjamin Moore Paint has excellent sqaure footage coverage - meaning it spreads out well. But, that is not all, Benjamin Moore Paint also covers over well and has less translucency than some other brands of interior paint, resulting in less paint needed to complete the job as well as less labor. A 15 dollar can of paint may seem cheap but when it takes twice the amount to paint the wall you have been duped into buying that brand and will have spent just as much money and worked harder than had you chosen a more expensive and better brand of interior paint.

Do not believe all the reports out there that says these big supply stores like home depot has the best paint. This is rubbish! You go and ask all the paint contractors where they get there paint and I would be surprised if you found one that will say they go to one of the giant supply stores. It just simply is not true that the paint there is of any quality! I am not saying Benjamin Moore is the only good paint out there but it is one that I have successfully used over and over with great results!

Choosing A Paint Finish

For the type of interior paint finish you will want to use for your DIY Interior Painting Project will be somewhat a matter of personal preference. However, there are some important facts to know.

Eggshell Paint Finishes - Has a slight sheen to it and is considered washable. Many folks will paint bathrooms and areas where the kids may get their hands all over the walls. Fact is eggshell paint because of it's sheen poses some problems - it will reflect light off of any imperfection on the wall which can have a negative look, and does not touch up well after a couple of days because the sheen continually fades over time so that when you touch it up that area will be shinier than the rest giving the area a different look in color as well.

Flat Paint Finish - This particular paint finish hides imperfections well and has a wonderfull smooth finish across the wall. It also touches up well even months down the road. Contrary to what most folks will say that it does not clean up well and an eggshell finish would be better is just not true. You can clean flat paint of many things including hand prints! And what cannot be cleaned can be touched up. Flat paint is cheaper as well! I see no reason anyone should use anything but flat finished paints for their DIY Interior Painting Project on the cieling and walls.

Semi Gloss Paint Finish - This paint truly does wipe up well and has a very shiny surface. This paint should be used only for wood work such as doors, windows, moldings, shelves and the like.

Choosing a Paint Color

When it comes to choosing color, again that is all about personal preference on how you would like your Interior Painting DIY Project to look. Just keep in mind that very dark colors can get expensive and some may require three coats, especially red ( see my article on Interior Painting DIY With Red). Darker colors can close a room in as well as show imperfections a bit more than lighter colors. In addition some darker colors do not touch up as well no matter what finish you use, but any finish with a sheen will not match up well at all.

So when it comes to your Interior Painting DIY Project keep all these things in mind and I am sure you will have an easier time painting and the end result will be awsome if you really think about what you will choose as far as Brand, Finish and Color.

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