Friday, May 9, 2008

Interior Painting Tips: Two Coats Of Paint

Is it necessary to paint two coats of paint? Alot of clients ask me if I can just paint one coat to save them money on the project. My answer is always "NO", unless there is not to much for marks on a wall that is going to get the same exact color that is their now.

The reason not is one coat just does not have the ability to fully cover a wall. Rollers create "holidays" (spots missed) and any change in color will show through on one coat hidering the true color of the paint.

Painting a second coat in a room while you are there is actually no trouble at all. A room 20 foot by 20 foot would take me just 30 minutes to get a second coat on. So, if you were to save money it would be so minimal that it is not worth the consequence of doing so.

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