Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flemington NJ Interior Exterior House Painter

Welcome to my blog, my name is Jeremy and if you are looking for a Flemington NJ Interior or Exterior house painter you have found the right person for your project. I am sure it must be difficult to find the right person to trust in completing your painting project. You have to worry about whom you are letting on your property or inside your home, how the job will turn out, will you get your monies worth.

I have been working painting in the Hunterdon County, Somerset County, and Warren County area mostly for 12 years now. I have worked other counties and states as well so don't hesitate to call. I have plenty of references and have completed many different types of projects. Basement walls and floors, patios, garage floors, brick, stucco, wood, Chimneys, Stained wood, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, metal doors, staining, power washing. You name it I have probably done it.


What is important is that all these surfaces must be prepared correctly and have the material applied correctly to get the best results. In this tough economy a lot of bad things can happen which you would not know about in order to make money or get the job. Estimates have come way down in price and there are corners that can be cut to make up for these low estimates. You must know about your project before looking for a painting contractor. GET INFORMED. Go to your local paint store and find some information out about your project, what it entails to be completed correctly. Then make sure this is discussed when getting your estimate and be clear as to the work being preformed. Say you are having wall paper to be removed - would you know that the wall should be primed with a special primer to seal any possible glue residue and what may happen if you do not. I have seen it and it is not pretty and very well could cost you to have the entire wall resurfaced or even possibly be removed for new drywall to go up. KNOW ABOUT YOUR PROJECT. You may get three estimates and chose to ge with a lower bid and that fellow may skip that step to make up for cost and he also got in on the job because he had a reasonable price. I have seen a lot of very bad things. How would you feel if two years after building your deck you find you have to completely strip the solid color stain off off the deck because it was not prepped right and is now peeling so bad and when you try to roll more stain on it just picks up the old stain on the roller. OH WHAT A MESS! An Boy is that going to be expensive to fix! Do not just trust the contractor he may just be out for money especially in this economy.

Over the years my experience has taught me how to paint various surfaces properly so that it will get the best performance and last for quite some time.I will be honest with you and work to come to a fair price. I take pride in the finished work and want to make all of my customers happy.

So, if you live in Central New Jersey you may contact me for an estimate on painting your home.

Again my name is Jeremy and I am a professional painter living in Flemington NJ my cell phone is 908-455-1302

I look forward to helping you out and providing the proper service for your project at a fair price.

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