Sunday, September 11, 2011

How To Paint Doors

This article is going to show you how to paint doors. Flat doors are easy to paint but paneled doors are time consuming if you paint them with a brush. Each panel needs to be painted then the middle of the panel and lastly the outer part of the panels. But what if you have 50 doors to paint. Brushing these doors can be very time consuming. So for this article we will cover how to spray a nice professional smooth finish on these doors. Spraying doors also poses issues as well especially if you have 50 doors to paint.

The first order of business will be finding a location to paint the doors. An area such as the garage will do but the doors must be shut so that dust or dirt does not blow on the doors when they are wet with paint. So lets get a clean area and cover the floor with a drop cloth or cardboard or paper. Cover the entire floor of the garage or half of the garage and block off the other half so the over spray and paint dust doesn't settle on the half that is not covered and probably has stuff stored their. Remove all vehicles and cover items that are stored in the garage, Now that we have a suitable area we need to get our doors.

Take the doors of of the hinges and remove the handles and all hardware. Stack the doors in the garage. You may label the doors with tape at the bottom or top edge. We are now going to attach the doors to each other and create an accordion. What you need is some  metal angles with holes in them to screw to the doors each angle should have two holes on each side so two screws will hold each door. One angle on the top edge of the doors is suffice for two doors. Attach the angles to the doors and make them go in opposite directions to create an accordion design. Four doors at a time will be easy to handle.

Make one area where the spraying will be done and one area where the doors will sit to dry. You may even create some sort of dolly with two by fours and some wheels to move them around with ease and you can set out two by fours where they will be placed to dry so they are not setting right on the floor.

Hang some sort of paper or drop cloth behind the doors where you will spray so it will not go all over your garage wall. It is now time to spray the paint on your doors. Once you spray one side you can flip them around and spray the other side. Once both sides have been sprayed the set of 4 doors can be moved to the drying area and the next set can be moved in place for spraying. Once the doors have dried then you may take them apart and re hang them on the hinges they came off of.  Learning how to paint doors is really very simple and you should be able to paint 50 doors in just a few hours and they will have a shiny smooth professional.

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