Friday, March 14, 2008

Conecting Open Room Colors

Picking colors can prove to be a very stressful part of a seemingly exciting time in painting your home. How do you pick those colors? Many clients of mine ask me to please pick their colors. Unfortunately as a painter that is something I cannot do for each individual will have their own tastes. Nor do I know what other d├ęcor they may be buying or planning on. My suggestion is to get sample colors and paint a decent size block in the right spots to see how well they work.

There are some items to consider when picking colors however. Repeating the same hue throughout open spaces is a good way to cohesively join connecting rooms. An example of that would be to paint the same color molding and ceiling throughout the different rooms. Another way to blend open spaces would be to select the same tone of two or three colors on a palette that represent the same intensity of hues for each adjoining area. Using these concepts will keep the flow looking natural.
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