Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Interior Painting Bathroom Walls

Interior Painting DIY Tips: Painting Bathroom Walls
By Jeremy Berger

Interior painting DIY folks tend to paint right around their toilets when painting bathroom walls. This can easily be see by everyone who uses the bathroom. The toilet is usually to close to the wall and therefore when painting bathroom walls people seem to just brush it in as far as they can.

How to Paint The Wall behind Your Toilet

The way to solve this problem is to get a "RollerLITE" small fabric mini paint roller, which is a very thin roller. The "RollerLITE" roller is very similar to the normal 9 inch rollers you see out there. You will need to pick the correct nap for the sleeve and this depends on what type of surface you have or if you will be using a textured paint on your walls.

Choosing the Correct Roller To Paint Your Bathroom Walls

Once you have chosen the type of sleeve you can also choose the appropriate handle that has will have the correct length you need to paint behind the toilet. Now you will need to choose the type of paint you want to use and just paint two coats on the walls as you normally would then use the "Roller Lite" roller to paint behind the toilet. Interior Painting DIY folks should now always have paint behind their toilet when painting bathroom walls.

Jeremy Beregr is a professional painter serving the Central Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania areas. He as served Hunterdon County (NJ) for the past 10 years and can be reached at (908) 310-8569 or email address is ljsberger@hotmail.com.

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