Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Interior Painting Making Good Money

By Jeremy Berger
JB Qaulity Painting
Central Jersey / Easter Pennsylvania

There are many painters are in North America making good money. Deciding whether to work for yourself or working for someone will determine just how much money you can make with interior painting. There are many painting franchise opportunities as well to choose from. Painting has been around for a long time and there will always be a need for more painters.

Start an Interior Painting Business

Starting an interior painting business can make good money which can range from 500 dollars per week to thousands of dollars per week depending on what you do with your business. Start up costs for your own interior painting business can easily be done on a shoe string. Some drop clothes, a paint brush, a roller, and a couple of ladders and your in business. Promoting and marketing your painting business at first with inexpensive advertising or flyers can draw in the first estimate in which a small amount of the deposit can be used to buy the first of your painting equipment you will need to conduct a painting business. Learning what the Price of painting a room will be (estimating) will prove challenging at first but really just boils down to how much per day do you want to make and figuring how long it will take to complete the project. There is paint estimating software that can help in estimating as well.

Working for Someone Doing Interior Painting

There are plenty of jobs out there for interior painting which as a painter can make good money. Interior painters make 10 dollars an hour to 30 dollars an hour. This all depends upon experience and location. There is always Union Painters which after four years as an apprentice you can make 100,000 dollars per year. The Union will also provide training on the job and in classroom.

Types of Painting

There is also decorative painting which can draw in more money that traditional interior painting but requires a bit more skill. Faux painting is very popular and can fetch three times the amount of money traditional painting can.

Deciding what route to take is all about preference and how much money you want to make. But whatever route you take choosing to get into Interior Painting can make good money for yourself.

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