Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Painting Tips: Textured Paint for Uneven Walls and Wood Paneling

Are your walls stressed and outdated with cracks and various anomalies and you do not have the budget to replace them, then maybe check out this painting tip? Painting your walls with textured paint can provide an excellent way to cover the wall and make it look good. This technique of using textured paint can be used to cover uneven Sheetrock, wallpaper, wood paneling, concrete and block walls and many other surfaces.

If you will be using textured paint to cover wood paneling you will need to remove any dividers between panels. Make sure to prime the paneling with a stain kill before filling in any seams with Spackle then sand it. For all other surfaces you will need to prepare your walls as you normally would for painting.

For the textured paint there are a couple of products you can use, an already mixed texture in the paint or an texture additive you will need to mix in the paint. The texture additive for paint is great because you have the freedom to choose whatever paint you want to use and the texture additive itself is inexpensive running around 4 dollars for every two gallons of paint. Once you have chosen your product ( one such product is Paint N Tex by Homax ), you are ready to set up get some textured paint on your walls.

Using a 1/2 roller sleeve you can roll out the surfaces as you would paint any other surface. A second coat, once the first has dried for 24 hours, can then be rolled on the wall. Now your walls should have a stylish updated textured paint look! You can even use this technique coupled with faux painting as well. Good Luck, now go update those walls with some textured paint.


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