Sunday, April 27, 2008

Interior Painting Tips: Accent Wall

Painting an accent wall can add a dramatic decorating effect to any room. The choice of one or more walls to be painted must be done with care as well as the color scheme to be used. Generaly the wall or walls chosen as an accent wall should be the focal point of the room. Whem more than one wall is chosen then there usually is a break in color that begins in one room into another rather than having two rooms of seperate colors.

When choosing the color for your accent wall that you want to paint careful consideration should be used so that the colors will blend well. I generaly will choose colors that are on the same strip that have a different hue ( one darker or two darker on the paint chips strip. When using more than one color you want to have the walls stack up with the different colors. Meaning, from a point in the room that would be a place most folks will be standing and looking you would want to see the wall colors of stack up ( one color then the next). This would be similar to stacking the paint chips up against each other. Having a look around the internet at some colors that bled is a good idea. You are always welcome to comment with your colors and I would be glad to give my opinion!

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