Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How To Bid Painting Jobs

This article will give you a general idea on how to bid painting jobs successfully. Every geographical area can be very different in the final cost of a particular job so it can be difficult to explain that aspect of bidding a painting job. You must know your market and the competition that is in that market before you can really provide a potential customer with a price. There are some general rules that apply to coming up with a bid price for your client and winning the bid. There are also certain procedures you should follow to ensure you have the best chance of winning that bid and that is what this article will touch on. You can never win all the bids you place and if you are then your price is probably too low. Learning how to bid painting jobs in the beginning can be stressful, but with practice it will become second nature.

When contacted by a potential client it is very important you return that call the same day as soon as possible. This ensures the client you are easily reachable and builds trust. Once contacted you must discuss with the client what the work is that they have and give them a brief on the services you provide and how long you have been in business. If not long in business then you need to provide them some security by letting them know you have references to provide and how you will take care of their work they need done. This rapport is very important in building trust. Get all the information you need from them such as name, address, phone numbers and directions to take a look at what they have.

In setting a time to meet them you must show up on time or just before that time. Upon getting there you will state who you are and have a business card to hand them. Have a note pad, pen and tape measure in your hands. You must look appropriately professional. Showing up in paint clothing is better than showing up in suit and tie. Ask to take your shoes off before entering the house if you are to go inside. This shows you will have respect for their home and again builds trust. Get right down to business in getting all the information. Chatting along the way is good but try to keep it mostly on your professionalism.

Once you get the information let them know you will be putting together their estimate and will fax it to them by the following day. Do everything you say you will do and be where you say you will be. Let a customer know that if they are to receive more bids that they should call you if there are any lower than yours and that you may be willing to adjust your pricing. This way price cannot stop you from getting the bid if you want it.

You must be on the edge at all times and do whatever is necessary to win the bid. Of course if they call you and say they have a bid much lower than yours you must ask to see it if you are thinking of matching it or going below it. If it is just below yours then chopping a few bucks off without seeing it is ok. You may decide it is so low that you cannot match it or go below it. This is where you need to sell yourself and your services, letting them know why you cannot go below that number. This is how you bid a painting job if you want to win it.

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