Thursday, July 31, 2008

Start a Painting Business No Money

To start a painting business with little money is easy to do. In fact you can start a painting business for under a hundred dollars. When I first started out I went down to an insurance broker to find out what it would cost to get insurance for my painting business I wanted to start. The premium at that time was only Four Hundred Dollars. I had no equipment and no vehicle. As a matter of fact I had no license. My insurance agent asked me if I would paint their building outside. My very first job! The contract was for Three Thousand Dollars, which covered my equipment I needed, the insurance premium plus materials. I was still left with a nice profit when complete and was in business. My girlfriend, now wife, would take me to job sites with her Honda Civic which my 24 foot ladder fit through the hatch and across the car. Eventually within a year I got my license back and bought a Dodge Van. From there my business grew. It is very possible to start a painting business with little money or even no money as in my case.

So you may not get as lucky to have your insurance broker offer you a contract as I did, but there are ways to pull your painting business together with little money. You can make flyers and distribute them, you can print business cards on your computer, and you can place cheap ads. If there is a will there is a way to drum up business, and you will find some if you put forth effort

Flyers are probably the cheapest way to go about finding work. These can be printed on your computer for very little money. On the flyer you will want folks to see “PAINTING” very clearly. The business name should be on the flyer as well as address and phone number. All the services that you want to provide should be on the flyer. You will also want to state you are insured because your first contract you are going to get a policy in place.

Business cards can be printed on your computer as well saving a lot of printing costs at the printers. The business card should state your painting business name, phone number, address your name and that you’re insured, and brief services you provide. Business cards are important so that clients know who you are and do not forget. Especially when they recommend you they have the information handy to give to others.

Other things that you need for your business can be accumulated as you sign contracts; such as, more equipment, vehicles, employees and more. There are some things you may need to get in the beginning that are required by various states; like any licenses and such. If your state requires these you must get them. Otherwise, starting a painting business with little money is easy. Good Luck!

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