Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creating a Painting Business Plan

Writing a House Painting Business Plan is probably not something you are looking forward to but is one of the most important tasks when running or starting an exterior or interior painting business. It will force you to objectively develop and evaluate your tactical and strategic plans. It will also help you identify the opportunities and risks encountered as a result of your decisions. Your Plan should outline your goals, expected costs, marketing plan and exact strategy. Both exterior and interior painting can make good money if managed properly and that starts with a good painting business plan.

Painting Business Plan Part 1: Summary Outlining Goals and Objectives

The first part of the plan should be a summary outlining all of your goals and objectives for the painting business. This part will be introducing the strategy for your business which will prove to be the most important part for any lending institutions you mat try to receive a painting business loan from.

Painting Business Plan Part 2: How the Business Formulated

In this part you will just discuss how the business began or how you came up with the business.

Painting Business Plan Part 3: Business Goals

Here is where you will list the short and long term goals for your painting business.

Painting Business Plan Part 4: Qualifications and Background of Those who will be in Charge

This part you will list all the qualifying backgrounds of those that will be in charge and any prior experiences related to the business or part that person will play in the business.

Painting Business Plan Part 5: Your Product and Service Offered

You will be laying out exactly what services you will be providing and how you will be doing things in comparison to your competitors

Painting Business Plan Part 6: The Market Demand for Your Product

This will require you research the demand and growth potential for your product and provide that data.

Painting Business Plan Part 7: Your Advertising plan

How you will be advertising to gain business and the costs involved.

Providing a detailed painting business plan and doing all the necessary research to provide detailed data will ensure you will get any necessary loans you may need. There are many companies and software you can use that can help you put create a professional painting business plan.

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