Saturday, May 10, 2008

Painting Tips: Paneled Door

Painting a paneled door is actually quite simple. I will show you how to do a coat in less than 5 minutes. That would be ten minutes per door with two coats. What you will need is some small rollers ( roller Lite). These rollers are 3/8 inch fabric nap, small pan and also a good quality nylon brush.

What you need to do is place some cardboard or something under your doors so as not to drip any paint first. The trick to painting the door quickly lies in the small roller (Roller Lite). You will start with the first panel by rolling the inside squares on the top and the grove around the squares first. Once you have rolled those out you will roll the flat parts surrounding the squares. You must move fairly quickly and getting it perfect is not important because you are going to back brush it with your paint brush in a square manner starting with an up and dorm motion on the top square panels. Then you will outline the groves making sure the paint fills in. Once that has been done you then run your brush along the flat parts in the direction they run ( across for ones going across and up and down for those up and down).

The long panels you will work one at a time so the paint does not start to dry and drag when you brush it. Keep going until the door is completed. The first door may take you a bit longer but after you get the hang of it painting a paneled door should be a breeze.

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