Friday, February 10, 2012

Painting Your House: More Daunting Than it Needs to Be

Guest Post By: Zeke Nicholson

There are a number of reasons why you might want to paint your house. Maybe you are no longer satisfied with how the house looks, or maybe you’re thinking about selling your home and want to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Whatever the reason may be, tons of homeowners are hesitant to begin the project, given the sizeable nature of the undertaking. Whether you’re doing the labor yourself or hiring someone to do the work, time is money. The longer it takes to complete the project, the more cash comes out of your pocket, so it’s best to have a solid plan to tackle the paint job effectively and efficiently.

Doing the manual labor yourself is definitely the most cost-effective practice, so if you can afford the time, it’s probably the way to go. Once you’ve done the initial steps required for an exterior paint job—scraping, sanding, etc.—it’s on to prepping for the actual painting. This means buying paint trays, brushes, rollers, and drop cloths, and strapping in for hours upon hours of painting. Here we are again: the prospect of actually completing this job is so overwhelming that it makes you wonder if it’s even worth it. Why not try a different approach? More and more homeowners are discovering that a quick and easy way to go about painting your home is to use a paint sprayer machine.

Paint sprayers have the major advantage of doing away with the messy drips and runs typically caused by rollers and brushes, and they can complete the same job in a fraction of the time. Let’ consider the Paint Zoom paint sprayer, for example. Paint Zoom has an industrial strength 650-watt motor and three distinct spray options (horizontal, vertical, and pin point) so you can get a great coat on any surface with no mess and no hassle. You can also finely and precisely attack the areas that would otherwise be hard to reach or evenly paint. It’s also lightweight and specifically formulated to utilize just the right amount of paint, so you aren’t overspending on paint.

Painting your house doesn’t have to be the impossible task it’s widely thought to be. With a paint sprayer, you can complete areas that would take hours with a roller/brush in a matter of minutes. It’s cost effective and easy to use, and at the end of the day you’ll be standing in front of a house that you are proud to claim as your own.

Paint Zoom 

How to use a paint sprayer


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