Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marketing Your Painting Business in a Bad Market

Marketing your painting business in a bad market can be difficult. However there are some very effective ways you can get results. When a market is bad you must put forth extra efforts to get somewhere.

What you can do is what is called proximity Marketing, which involves concentrating on a small demographic area over a period of time in multiple ways. You will need to make door hangers, post cards, and signs. These will all be used in the small concentrated marketing plan. You will need to hit a number of neighbors close to this particular job.

We will start with the post cards which will promote your business and let neighbors know you will be starting a job within the area soon. When you start the job you will send out the post cards again to promote yourself and let them know you have started the job. At this point you are beginning to set an image of your company in their minds.

Once you start the job you will then begin to hand out the door hangers again promoting your business. While you are at the job place a sign in the front lawn where the neighbors will see it. By now you have definitely created an image of your company in their minds and they definitely know who you are and what you do.

At the end of the job you will send out post cards promoting your business again and let them know you have completed the job. You will have effectively marketed to the neighbors and should they be thinking of painting they know who you are and what you do and they see you have started and finished a job close to them so a small level of trust has been created.

This is one very effective marketing tool you can use to market your painting business in a bad market without busting your wallet.

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