Thursday, July 28, 2011

Epoxy Your Garage Floor

It's warm out and you are sick of that dingy floor in your garage and decide it is time you want to Epoxy your garage floor. There are some preparations you will need to take care of before your will be ready. Also the Epoxy is not cheap by any means. It may run as much as a hundred dollars or more. If you are ready there are some tests that you will need to do to know if you actually can epoxy your garage floor.

What you must do is tape some plastic to the floor, a square piece of plastic wrap about 6 inches will suffice. This is to see if moisture is coming through the floor.If it is then you may not proceed. If all is good you will be ready to move ob to the next phase of preparing your garage floor to be epoxied.

You must remove any loose paint that may already be on the floor or better yet remove all of it even if you must apply chemicals to remove the paint. If there is no paint and you have a sealed floor the sealant must be removed or pitted. If you have a high polished cement floor you must use some acid wash to etch the floor. The floor should be etched with an acid wash no matter what. All debris and dirt needs to be washed off the floor. Powerwashing the floor may work well.

Once the garage floor is ready and all dirt has been removed and it has been etched you may begin to epoxy the floor. The best way to epoxy your garage floor is with a two part epoxy. The parts a and b are mixed together. Once mixed you have about two hours working time.

Epoxy is toxic and a chemical respirator should be worn.. First cut your edges out with a brush and then roll the epoxy onto the garage floor. Only one coat is necessary. Usually you can walk on it in twelve hours and after 72 hours you can park your car on the floor. They do make additives that are like little chips that you may add to the epoxy. These chips act to prevent slipping on the floor. I find the best product to use comes from Sherwin Williams .

The product comes in many colors but a favorite color is called pewter. Enjoy your epoxied garage floor for a long time. It will be easy to clean up and will look a whole lot better.

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