Saturday, April 19, 2008

Painting With The Color Red

By Jeremy Berger

Red tends to be one of the most difficult colors to work with when painting a room color. The reason for that is that red pigments are very translucent causing whatever is underneath to show. Therefore when overlapping paint you will see a darker spot on the overlap.

This is easily overcome in a couple of ways. The first should be that you choose a quality paint such as Benjamin Moore and use the top quality for the brand you are choosing. Flat paints do much better than eggshell or semi gloss finishes so choosing a flat finish would be more beneficial. The next is an important step to take so your not putting five coats of paint on and that is use a primer that has been tinted Grey. Ask you paint dealer to tint your primer Grey and put one coat of this on the wall or whatever you are painting first.

Following these steps will result in a much nicer looking red wall and you will not need to put as many coats on. Keep in mind that red tinted paint tends to be the most expensive on the market because of the translucency of the red tint and the need to put more tint in than other colors. A gallon of red can run up to 60 dollars per gallon, although more likely around 45 dollars.

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