Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hiring a Painter for a Painting Business

Whether owning a painting franchise or painting business you will eventually need help with your work. You can hire painters with experience and laborers who do not have a lot of experience. When hiring a painter or painter’s helper you will need to think about what you are doing. Most importantly you will need some business insurance other than liability insurance which will protect you and them should they get hurt on the job called Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

First order on your list will be to go get the workman’s compensation insurance which your local insurance broker or agent can quote for you. In Pennsylvania the cost for Liability insurance for a painting business is about 500 dollars and for Workman’s Compensation Insurance the base is about 1500 dollars and then at the end of the year there is an audit of your payroll and the amount is adjusted according to your payroll.

The next order of business is you need to decide how much help and what type of help you need. Someone with a bit more experience who can do more without direction will cost more than just a helper. You will need to discuss with the person how you will pay them, whether it be weekly or biweekly. Having a payroll company take care of the payroll for you can help as well.

There are a number of ways to get a helper or painter. You can advertise in the newspaper, print flyers or a very good way is through Craigs List. You will need to state what you are looking for and how much you will pay. With Craigs List they will respond to an email which you can screen the prospective employee out and then exchange numbers.

When screening the prospective Painter for the position you will want to know their experience and have them back that up. You may also want to have them work on a probationary term to see how they work out. If they work out and can meet the expectation that you expect and they have portrayed then you are in luck.

You may find that the person does not work out but you should now have a list of possible people to choose from. Hiring a painter for your Painting Business or Painting Franchise is no easy task. Just make sure you have some business insurance coverage to protect you and your employee in case of any injury on he job.

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