Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Painting after Wall Paper Removal

Have you ever removed wallpaper then paint the walls instead only to see the wall looks cruddy or paint begins to peal? You ask yourself, "What may I be doing wrong?" The answer is very simple. You must prepare the wall. Whenever painting you must prepare every wall to achieve the best looking result. Every situation calls for different types of preperation and removing wall paper definitely qualifies for a specific process to prepare the wall for paint.

First on the agenda is the wall paper must be removed . Next is the wall must be prepped with a sealer of some sort I like to use a slow dry oil primer from Benjamin Moore. You will apply a coat of primer and allow to dry for a full 24 hours in which at that time you will begin the process of basic wall preparation for painting. In some cases the wall has been pretty chewed up from taking the wall paper down requiring the wall be skim coated .

Once the wall has been fully prepped you may then apply spot coating of a fresh start primer or for those that have skim coated you will need to prime the entire wall. Now you will begin to paint. Once completed you will have a majestic looking interior painted wall with all the touches of profesionalism!

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