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Interior Painting: Garage Floors - 3

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Part 3 – Application of Epoxy

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on painting your Garage Floor. We have discussed proper preparation and choosing an Epoxy Paint in the past series. It is at this point we are ready to begin the application process of the epoxy.

Picture by
Warwick Patterson

Materials Needed:
Epoxy paint (specifically formulated for garage floors)
Paint rollers with water-resistant and solvent-resistant covers
Nylon Brushes
Respirator (with an organic vapor/acid gas filter)

You should have by now taken measurements of the surface, purchased the correct amount and color of epoxy, and have it ready to be mixed. Following the safety and mixing directions on the label, mix enough epoxy to cover the square footage of the garage floor surface. It is very important you allow the mixed product to sit for the specified time on the label before applying it!
While waiting for the mixture stand you can mask off any areas that you feel you need to, if this will take some time I suggest doing so before mixing the epoxy which may need to stand for a half hour. Once the mixture has stood for the correct time the floor is ready to get the first coat application. Begin by using the nylon brush to cut in all the floor edges. Now using your roller apply the rest of the batch to the garage floor before the specified expiration time that is on the label. Moving at a steady pace the two-car garage floor should be completed in less than an hour, working from the back to the front so as to not paint your self into a corner. Keep the garage door open for at least couple of hours after application at which time it may be closed. You may also tape off the bottom of the door to keep the fumes from entering the house. Allow the application to dry overnight.
At that time you can apply a second coat by repeating what was done for the first coat. You may also add some non-skid products at this time according to label directions. Epoxy floors can be slippery especially if they get wet so adding the non-skid product will make the floor safer and can add an appeasing look to your garage floor. You may drive on the floor after 10 days but full curing does not occur for about one month.

· Coating the epoxy floor with a coat of wax can make it easier to clean.
· Keep a clean rag and some xylol epoxy thinner to clean up drips and spills

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